About me

Peace, love, Schnitzel.

Peace, Love, Schnitzel Bear
Carolyn Adkins and her dog, Lucy

Here’s the scoop

My name is Carolyn Adkins, and I’m a graphic designer, screen printer and illustrator based out of Milwaukee, WI. In March of 2021 I started my art and design business, Schnitzel Bear Studios, LLC. This may be my first business, but I’ve been creating art since I was able to hold a crayon, and my professional career has been focused on marketing and design for the last fifteen years.

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point with a double major in Graphic Design and German. My studies allowed me to discover my passion for design and begin to realize my potential as a graphic designer. Following graduation, I began my career working for marketing agencies and soon discovered web design as one of my creative and technical strengths. I pursued a career in web design as Senior Digital Designer at Kerry, a global food and beverage corporation, and recently (September 2022) left to make Schnitzel Bear Studios my main focus.

I’m proud to offer a wide variety of services including marketing, art & graphic design, event planning and promotion, web design – you name it and I can probably help with it!


Why the name Schnitzel Bear?

Allow me to explain: after promoting and sharing my work as “Carolyn Adkins Art & Design” for over a decade, I decided a more creative and personal rebranding was in order – playful, with heart, and uniquely me.

In 2021, I lost not one, but two precious canine fur babies. First, Mika Schnitzel, my very best friend of 14 years, passed in January, and although it was absolutely crushing to lose her, it was her time. Two months later, in March I brought home Greta Bear, and we began a new adventure together. Tragically, she passed away from a rare condition at just over five months of age. This was a devastating loss that I couldn’t have possibly anticipated and was unprepared to handle. Without my creative outlets, friends, family, and eventually my new pup, Lucy, I wouldn’t have been able to persevere and begin the healing process.

Schnitzel Bear is a tribute to my babies who have now crossed the rainbow bridge. My logo draws inspiration from their pointy German Shepherd ears, so I’ll remember them always.

Rest in peace, Schnitz and Greta.

Mika Schnitzel
Greta Bear